Our valued clients are transforming their operations with Nektar Data. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what they have to say.

RDM logo

We have not only eliminated paper-based data collection, but increased the likelihood of the data being collected at all.

“In one year, we have created the most concise service/repair/maintenance records for our fleet of over 80 pieces of heavy equipment and trucks in the company’s 35 year history.”

Mike Bilic, RDM Enterprise LTF

Luck Stone

Nektar Data is powerful in its simplicity, and has proven to be flexible and easy to align to our specific business processes.

“The iPhone App has been quickly adopted by our foremen in the field and they really like how easy it is to capture all the information necessary for them. The Nektar Data team has been responsive, knowledgeable, and are always there when we need them to answer questions or make changes.”

Tom Faillace, Luck Stone

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Nektar Data has provided a simple solution to collect, track, and store data.

“With the convenience of using a wireless connection and the Nektar Data App, we not only can do the work more efficiently, but we have less paper to handle. This is a big step towards going paperless in the quality department.”

Kale Moody, Taylor Forklift

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“Nektar provides us with the ability to monitor work as it is completed as if we were on site—something we have never had.”

Darren Wiebe, SaskPower

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“We were tasked with the data collection of over 30,000 assets in a six-month timeframe. The challenge seemed impossible, but with Nektar Data, it was quite the opposite. Nektar has changed the way we carry out our surveying, patrolling, and repairs by enabling us to collect real-time data without a hitch.”

Ruairi Geary, TLI Group Ireland

Pacific National Exhibition

“I had a vision of wanting to move in this direction but could not find the right solution or company to help me get to where I wanted. Nektar Data has helped us design a custom solution tailored to fit our very detailed process, rather than having to fit into a canned product. The support and flexibility have been exceptional throughout the process and the solution has been easily adopted by all our staff very quickly. I would highly recommend the Nektar team to any parks looking to improve their safety standards.”

Shawn Joinson, Pacific National Exhibition