Products and Brands

The Nektar has a group of three branded interfaces or products, Arcsset, Equipdata and Histree. Although the all three brands essentially function the same, we have made minor changes in labeling, interface skins and work flows that better accommodate three main industry focuses.


Arcsset primarily targets utilities, municipalities and small to medium sized business that are looking for an asset management solution that is not achievable for their unique asset type. When dealing with cities and towns, Arcsset has a strong focus on GIS data integration. Cities may have a focus on ‘minor’ assets such as street signs.


Equipdata is a product where equipment life cycle asset management is the focus. Equipdata customers typically have a fleet of construction equipment or on road fleets. Manufacturing, dealer and rental markets also utilize Equipdata for full cycle maintenance and inspection processes.


Histree as the name states was developed to manage green spaces and in particular urban trees. The Histree product is used to complete intial inventories, update existing city tree inventories that may exist in the city GIS data base and to manage city planting staff and outside contractors.